Melrose Avenue SDA Church

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About Us

We are Christian believers that has lived and worshiped in the Melrose community for over 70 years.  We are a part of the worldwide church of seventh-day Adventist with sisters and brother in Christ throughout the world.

So why the name Seventh-day Adventist?

"Seventh-day" because we worship on the Seventh-day of the week, the Sabbath... and "Adventist" because we believe in the imminent Second coming of Jesus Christ.

Our Beliefs

In short, our beliefs can be summed up into "The 5 Cs", shown below.

  • Christ
  • Creation
  • Cross
  • Commandments
  • His Coming

To dig a little deeper, we believe:


We believe in Christ & the trinity: Jesus Christ, The Father, and The Holy Spirit.  God created the world.  Jesus come to this world and was the perfect examples for us then die and rose again, giving us the gift of salvation.  He will return for a second time for His people.  The Holy Spirit guides us live a God fearing life.  In God's various forms he continually shows His love for us.


The Bible tells us that God created the world in six days and then he rested on the seventh-day.  The awesomeness of nature proves this.  We believe the Bible and know that God created the world, in all it's splendor and beauty, and hand crafted us.  We respect His creation and the Creator by acknowledging His work during creation along with following His example of resting from work and focusing on Him on the Seventh-day, Saturday, Sabbath.


Jesus gave every individual the gift od salvation through his death on the cross.  The ball is in our court to accept that gift.  As believers our gratefulness for this gift causes us to want to live for Him and share this love with those we meet.  


As a Christian church, we are a faith community rooted in the beliefs described by the Bible, the Holy Scriptures.  We believe that God gave us the commandments to transform our character so that we can reflect His perfect character.  We are not perfect and many time fall short of keeping God's commands but Galatians 2:20 show us, how we as imperfect humans beings can live a perfect life through full surrender to  Him.  Like it says in Matthew 22:34-40, we are commanded to love the Lord our God and love our neighbor.  We believe that the 10 commandments show us how to love God (the first 4 commandments) and our neighbor (the remaining six commandments).

His Coming

We believe that Jesus Christ will come again, as the Bible says.  We do not know the exact day or time He will return but we have hope in His second return.  The book of Revelation tells a lot about His second coming.  It helps us to understand that His coming will be literal, visible, and worldwide.