About Us

We believe that every child is a gift from God.  Because of this we aim to assist ever child in reaching their full potential.  To do this we focus on a solid curriculum, the whole health of each child, and support of the family.

Our Mission:

To provide safe quality childcare services, educational, family and career development opportunities to the surrounding community. We will achieve this through sound business practices, advanced educational technology and ministry with Christian faith principles.

Our Vision:

To become the premier child development center in the Roanoke Valley


Our Core Values:

  • Trust….Families can have confidence in us to be reliable, open and honest.
  • Quality….We guarantee “Best in Class” child care development services.
  • Faith....Internal belief that God will lead us to develop a strong character in each child.
  • Family….We believe family is important and we commit to caring for each child and helping to support their family values by servicing the whole family, even beyond the walls.
  • Creative Learning….We are committed to identifying every child’s learning method and applying advanced learning tools.
  • Health….We believe each child has the right to wholesome mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health by building a good mind and strong body through nutritional food and exercise.
  • Community....The community is a part of us and we strive to be of assistance by working, living, and serving together for one common goal.
  • Caring....We will nurture and love each child who is in our care.


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